Bet on the Top MLB Teams | What You Should Know

New York is home to the Yankees and the Mets, both big players in the MLB. Join us as we bring you a one-way ticket to the top NY sportsbooks.

Place wagers on your favorite players and get to know the MLB teams via our guide. We aim to help you bet smarter in the long run.

MLB Season Overview 

2430 games in one mlb season!

Let’s begin with the season and the key stages you should know about when betting on the MLB.

The MLB season has 2430 games in total, with each team playing at least 162 games. Don’t forget that a large number of these MLB teams then go on to play in the postseason.

Various playoff games are played out, resulting in the World Series final. Let’s break all that down into bitesize chunks so you can better understand how it all works.

How Many MLB Teams Are There?

Let’s get a common question we get a lot here at BettingSitesNYC: how many MLB teams are there? There are 30 MLB teams, including the local New York baseball teams – the Yankees and the Mets.

All those MLB teams are then split into two leagues and six divisions in total, which we have laid out in a simple list below:

MLB Structure – Leagues & Divisions:

  • American League (15 teams)
    • East Division (5 teams)
    • Central Division (5 teams)
    • West Division (5 teams)
  • National League (15 teams)
    • East Division (5 teams)
    • Central Division (5 teams)
    • West Division (5 teams)

MLB Teams List & Team Map

All MLB teams playing in the professional sport right now are listed in the table below.

American League EastNational League East
Tampa Bay RaysAtlanta Braves
Boston Red SoxMiami Marlins
New York YankeesNew York Mets
Baltimore OriolesWashington Nationals
Toronto Blue JaysPhiladelphia Phillies
American League CentralNational League Central
Minnesota TwinsMilwaukee Brewers
Cleveland IndiansCincinnati Reds
Detroit TigersChicago Cubs
Kansas City RoyalsPittsburgh Pirates
Chicago White SoxSt. Louis Cardinals
American League WestNational League West
Houston AstrosArizona Diamondbacks
Seattle MarinersLos Angeles Dodgers
Oakland AthleticsColorado Rockies
Los Angeles AngelsSan Diego Padres
Texas RangersSan Francisco Giants

Map of All MLB Teams

Get up to speed with where each of the MLB teams is based using our handy map. 

Click here to view the MLB teams map.

How Many Teams Make The MLB Playoffs?

12 teams to the mlb playoffs!

Fans of MLB have witnessed a few updates to the playoffs and how the MLB postseason plays out. Firstly, the answer to how many teams make the MLB playoffs is 12 teams.

You have the Division Series, followed by the League Championship Series, and then the grand final to determine the MLB Champion in the World Series.

“The MLB now welcomes additional wild card teams to enter the playoffs.”

Here’s a rundown of how the major league baseball postseason’s playoff tournament works:

Playoff Seeding Rules

  1. Best Record In The League
  2. 2nd Best Division Winner
  3. 3rd Best Division Winner
  4. Best Wild Card Record
  5. 2nd Best Wild Card Record
  6. 3rd Best Wild Card Record

Wild Card Series (best of three)

  1. 3rd Best Division Winner vs. 3rd Best Wild Card Record
  2. Best Wild Card Record vs. 2nd Best Wild Card Record


All the remaining playoffs are then played in the traditional “best of five” or “best of seven” format. This includes the Division Series, League Championship Series, and the big World Series final.

The top two seeds also enter the playoffs at this stage after earning their “byes” straight into the Division Series.

Division Series (best of five)

  1. Best Record In The League vs. Winner of Wild Card Series Game 2
  2. 2nd Best Division Winner vs. Winner of Wild Card Series Game 1

League Championship Series (best of seven)

  1. Winner of Division Series 1 vs. Winner of Division Series 2

World Series (best of seven)

  • Winner of Amerian League Championship Series Final vs. Winner of National League Championship Series Final

Never Underestimate The Power of Betting Knowledge

Do you know your MLB rules? Do you know how to read the latest betting lines and MLB odds? Click those links and learn a few things about the game and your betting options to help grow your knowledge.

Confidence in reading sportsbooks and understanding how the game plays out are two important aspects of becoming a better punter.

“If you want to improve your profit line, track your bets and see where you are most successful, then build your betting strategy around that.”

The Top New York Baseball Teams

The two New York MLB teams are the Yankees and Mets, and these need little introduction. You also won’t need to look far to find the latest betting lines and odds on these MLB teams.

From the simple moneylines to the advanced prop bets and bonus specials, you will always find what you need.

New York Baseball TeamsFoundedWorld Series Titles
New York Yankees190327+ World Series Titles
New York Mets19622 World Series Titles

Under the Microscope – MLB History & Best Performances

There is a lot of MLB history, many famous players, iconic teams, and plenty of topics to discuss. Facts can help you become a smarter bettor on the MLB, so we suggest you take the time to look through the game’s past.

We’ll talk about the local NY MLB teams and the iconic teams and rivalries that have made a name for themselves in MLB history.

New York MLB Teams

The New York Yankees and New York Mets both fill the sportsbooks in the Empire State. You’ll find all the relevant betting options to keep your strategy moving forward.

We ensure that any bookie we recommend has the right levels of dedication to the MLB. Let’s look at the two local New York baseball teams and how they stand in the eyes of locals.

New York Yankees

Since 1903, the New York Yankees have been playing professional baseball. The Yankees are often considered the most renowned sports team out of the full MLB teams list.

The Bronx Bombers have a special aura that transcends the sport of baseball. Mostly this is due to the fact that they have won 27 World Series championships and have a star-studded past.

New York Mets

The New York Mets have had a difficult time breaking out of the Yankees’ shadow. Not the least of which was the fact that their archrivals defeated them in the World Series in the year 2000.

However, many people in the state support the underdogs, and there is growing confidence. The winners of two World Series titles is something to hold as they look to close the gap in NY.

Top Players From New York & Biggest MLB Rivalries

Like most sports within New York state, there have been some true greats of the game. There will always be discussions on the best-ever MLB players born in New York. Here are a few names to get the conversation started:

  • Lou Gehrig
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Hank Greenberg
  • Rod Carew
  • Whitey Ford
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Edgar Martinez

Much like the fact there will always be legendary sports players born in this state, there will always be team rivalries. We look further beyond and across the full league and pick out the top rivalries.

These have proven to be the most fierce and competitive between MLB teams. You’ll see that both the New York baseball teams make the list:

  • Yankees vs. Red Sox
  • Dodgers vs. Giants
  • Phillies vs. Mets
  • Cubs vs. Brewers
  • White Sox vs. Twins

Debating the Best MLB Team in History?

best mlb team ever?

MLB history is filled with unforgettable events. With so many years in the bag already, it’s difficult to pick out a handful of key moments.

However, some teams have managed to etch their names indelibly into history with some next-level performances. Here are some of those iconic MLB teams. And once again, the list includes both of our very own New York baseball teams:

  • 1961 Yankees – Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle stood out as key players.
  • 1975 Reds – Cincinnati’s first World Series of its back-to-back wins was pivotal.
  • 1986 Mets – secured one of the most famous comebacks of all time.
  • 1998 Yankees – arguably one the greatest and most balanced MLB teams ever.
  • 2018 Red Sox – clocked up 108 season wins and easily won the World Series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

30 MLB teams play during the regular season, each aiming to make the playoffs.

A total of 12 teams advance from the regular season to the playoffs. Wild card teams play the initial Wild Card round to create the final eight MLB teams.

You can bet on MLB teams in New York state with ease. The new licensing ensures safety and fairness, so check our latest recommendations today.
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