NFL Odds in New York Guide | Best Odds & Betting Lines

Understanding NFL odds is a fundamental part of being able to place more winning bets.

We cover all the common odds formats, popular NFL betting lines, and unique options to show you exactly what to expect when betting on the NFL.

Discover the Best NFL Odds & Betting Lines in New York

discover the best odds in betting lines

Betting on the NFL in New York brings many prospects, so it’s always wise to follow the latest NFL odds and NFL betting lines.

The top-rated sportsbooks listed at BettingSitesNYC provide various options, from the NFL Super Bowl odds to niche options like NFL MVP odds. 

“All bookies are different, so don’t pick the first one you see. Get up to speed with what to look out for, and start betting with informed and educated decisions, all thanks to BettingSitesNYC.”

Smarter Betting on NFL Games in NY

Experienced bettors understand that profitable betting is more about the long run than quick wins. Sure, quick wins are useful, but there are several elements to learn and master to become an expert in reading NFL odds and placing the right bets across NFL betting lines.

Firstly, you need to understand the game, which means learning the key NFL rules. Knowing how the game works will help to build your confidence and conviction in placing profitable bets.

The information here is designed to expand on that to advance your NFL betting knowledge.

Choosing the Right NFL Odds for You

American is the most common format of odds across New York sportsbooks and NFL betting lines, but we’ll explain Fractional and Decimal to ensure you are fully prepared to bet on NFL odds confidently.

  • American
  • Decimal
  • Fractional

American Odds

Online sportsbooks in New York rely heavily on American odds, often called moneyline odds. These odds, always denoted with a plus (+) or negative (-) symbol, are the industry standard in the US.

We’ll use a matchup between Dallas Cowboys and NY Giants to help explain how to read and calculate these NFL odds.

  • Dallas Cowboys -400 (favorite)
  • New York Giants +335 (underdog)

Betting on the negative number and favorites means you must bet $400 to win $100. 

Betting on the positive number and the underdog means you would win $335 from a $100 bet.

For any newcomers to NFL odds, we recommend you revert the amounts to $1. For example, you win $1 from a $4 bet on the Bills or $3.35 from a $1 bet on the Jets. You can then multiply using your preferred stake – because not everyone is betting $100 every time!

Decimal Odds

For some punters, decimal NFL odds are considerably easier, and you’ll find odds of this type used in many sports worldwide. In this case, the lower amount represents the favorite, while the larger value represents the underdog.

  • Buffalo Bills 1.2 (favorite)
  • NY Jets 4.5 (underdog)

Working out the calculations here requires multiplying the stake by the NFL odds. In the case of the Bills and Jets, a $100 bet on the Bills (1.2 x $100) would mean $120 in total, with a $20 profit.

Backing the Jets to win (4.5 x $100) would bring you $450, with $350 in profit.

Keep in mind that your original wager is already factored into the payout; your actual profit would be the amount of your win minus your bet.

Fractional Odds

The easiest way for a beginner to read these NFL odds is to see it as “how much you win” divided by “your bet.” This can be better understood with reference to another NFL game.

Let’s take a Super Bowl matchup between the Los Angels Rams and Buffalo Bills, with the Rams winning based on 1/2 odds and the Bills winning based on 2/1 odds.

The smaller number first indicates the favorite, so in this case, betting on the Rams:

  • A $100 bet on 1/2 odds returns $150 ($50 in profit and your $100 stake).

The bigger number first represents the underdog, so betting on the Bills would mean:

  • A $100 bet on 2/1 odds returns $300 ($200 in profit and your $100 stake).

Know Your NFL Betting Options

guy looks at phone with a positive grin at a football game

Online sportsbooks across New York give their members various ways to bet on NFL odds. As shown, there are three main formats for displaying these odds.

Several NFL betting lines and alternative options become available once you explore the upcoming NFL schedule.

Knowing the basic moneyline and total bets and then expanding your knowledge to prop bets and player specials is all part of improving your NFL betting skills.

Next, our team will lead you through the popular NFL betting lines, what they mean, and how they can help you build a more profitable betting strategy.

NFL Moneyline

The first betting NFL odds you see on any sportsbook is the moneyline. A simple two-way market that lets you back the favorite or underdog using the plus and minus numbers we explained earlier. It’s a great place to start betting and to get a grasp of how NFL odds work.

NFL Points Spread

Betting and covering the spread is one of the most common bets most NFL fans place across the season. Sportsbooks set a points difference between the two teams, and you win if the team wins by at least the point spread. The bigger the spread, the bigger the NFL odds.

NFL Points Total

One of the most popular betting markets for NFL fans is the points total. Bet on over or under a total number of points to be scored in the game. The points total is also available on individual teams if you want to bet on slightly better NFL odds.

NFL Futures

If you want to bet on much bigger NFL odds, check out the futures market and put your NFL knowledge to the test. Research is key here, but you can bet on Division, Conference, and Super Bowl winners before the season starts.

Advanced NFL Odds Betting & What to Look For

advanced nfl betting odds on a computer

The NFL is an all-action sport that is hard-hitting and full of endless betting opportunities. A glance through any sportsbook will show you the many NFL betting lines and advanced betting options.

New York betting puts a big focus on the NFL, and a big part for many experienced punters is being able to bet on unique markets across the season, from NFL Super Bowl odds to players and teams and NFL MVP odds.

Player-Specific Odds

Betting on NFL odds provides a lot of player-specific options, from players scoring touchdowns to passing and receiving to rushing. Recent performances will dictate the odds, with live and in-play betting bringing some excellent opportunities if you watch the game simultaneously.

Game-Specific Odds

Other NFL odds include looking at the bigger picture. You could bet on total touchdowns, whether both teams will score over/under a set number of touchdowns, the total winning margin, the number of penalties during regular time, or even if the game will end up going into overtime.

NFL Playoff Odds

Following the season and predicting the teams advancing into the postseason early can bring some valuable NFL playoff odds. A total of 14 teams advance, so there are many opportunities during the regular season and the postseason to bet on NFL playoff odds.

NFL Super Bowl Odds

The Super Bowl is the big one, and most American football fans will be looking to place bets on this event every season. You can find a wide range of NFL Super Bowl odds at all the top NY sportsbooks, so be sure to compare the sites and find the best NFL odds for the biggest profits.


The Most Valued Player in the NFL gets chosen at the end of the regular season, so you have a  few months to research and place your NFL MVP odds. Following results and placing an early bet can reap big profits, although the winner is not announced until just before the Super Bowl.

Summary of NFL Odds

As you see, there are a lot to think about when betting on NFL. We hope that this information have brought you some knowledge in what to do and what not to do.

The most important think to focus on is if the you think the odds is too high or too low. Don’t place a bet just because you think it’s a safe bet. Always consider the odds so it is in comparison to your calculated probability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Try any of the recommended betting sites you see here at BettingSitesNYC to find the best NFL betting lines and odds. These sites are trustworthy and licensed to operate in New York.

This all depends on your research and attention to the latest NFL news. Moneyline and point spread betting are easy options, while parlay betting can bring more rewarding NFL odds.

We recommend betting with American odds, to begin with. This is the standard format for all the top NY sportsbooks. You can change this on most sites if you prefer to bet with decimal or fractional.
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