NHL Betting in New York

Now that betting on NHL in New York is legal, it makes sense to know where to find the best NY sportsbooks that cover NHL and all the best Welcome Bonuses.

We provice the key details that can help you bet smarter and enjoy NHL betting in New York.

Get your betting game up to scratch with our full guide to betting on the NHL.

More about NHL Betting in New York

NHL Betting in New York – The best betting sites

nhl betting in new york

At the beginning of 2022, online NY sports betting sites throughout the Empire State officially opened, giving bettors a wide range of choices to place bets on the NHL and many more top-level sports.

For us, it’s always an advantage when there is competition since it gives you more options and better value across NHL odds to help increase your profits throughout the sports calendar.

Our current top three choices for NHL betting in New York are shown below:

  • Draftkings
  • Caesars
  • PointsBet

NHL Betting Strategy – Betting on NHL

Betting on NHL in New York? If so, the BettingSitesNYC team has you covered. Let us help you choose the best sportsbooks, discover competitive odds, and enjoy the experience with bigger bonuses.

If it’s the New York Rangers, the Buffalo Sabres, the New York Islanders, or any of the nearby NHL teams that you follow, there will always be competitive betting lines to explore.

Our NHL betting specialists have compiled the following “NHL Betting in New York Strategy Guide” to assist and help maximize your winnings:

  1. Games tend to see more goals at the start of the season compared to the playoffs.
  2. Find and back the teams currently playing well away from home.
  3. Prop bets are harder to predict when betting on NHL.
  4. Heavy schedules can be key when betting on NHL in New York.
  5. Look out for in-form goalies and back them for high-value bets.

Types of NHL Betting Lines in NY

Popular NHL Betting LinesHow to bet
NHL Puck Line BettingPuck line betting is a unique kind of NHL betting market and involves adding or subtracting points. Most games are based on 1.5 due to the low scores found in the sport.
NHL Moneyline BettingMassive in popularity, this betting market makes it easy to see the potential payouts for backing either the favorite or the underdog. Consider this when making NHL parlay bets.
NHL Total Over/UnderA quick option for placing a wager on the total combined points scored by one or both teams. Using a value of “.5”, you can wager either above or under the total.

“Learn the ins and outs when betting on NHL by using our simple NHL Betting Rules Guide.”

NHL Future Bets

When talking about future bets, we usually talk about bets which wont have an result in any time soon. Probably, you have to wait for several months to see if your wager are winning or not. The most common future bets are:

  • Conference Outrights – Bet on the Eastern and Western Conferences winners.
  • Make the Playoffs – Pick a team you think will make the playoffs at the end of the season.
  • MVP Awards – Put your money on who you think will be voted the most valuable player.
  • Stanley Cup Winner – Choose the team you think will be crowned Stanley Cup champions.

NHL Player Props

Player props is a special kind of bet which allows you to put your wager on specific happenings in a game. Below you can find some examples of player props in NHL:

  • Goal Scorer – Pick out which player will score the first goal or score anytime in the game.
  • Player Points – Bet on the player you think will earn the most points via goals and assists.
  • Goalie Saves – Decide if the goalie saves over or under the number set out by the sportsbooks.

NHL Score Props

Among the NHL score props you can find bets and odds which focuses on the total number of shots or goals in a game. Betting options like:

  • Total Team Shots on Goal – Bet the number of shots on goal by one or both teams.
  • Total Team Goals Scored – Decide how many goals are scored by one or both teams.
  • Total Team Points – Predict how many team points will be gained by one or both teams.

NHL Grand Salami

the grand salami in nhl betting

For those looking to enjoy a full day’s worth of ice hockey betting, the Grand Salami is the perfect option. Before any games start, you are tasked with predicting the total over/under number across all NHL Teams.

Researching matchups and recent performances can help to forecast the number of goals scored, with some great odds being found on most bets you place.

NHL Empty Net Betting

It’s a classic maneuver by NHL coaches, made with little over a minute remaining in the game and their team down by one goal. For an additional attacker, teams will often remove the goaltender and go all out to score.

Those who bet on the empty net option do so with a lot of volatility, and it’s not always certain that the GK will leave the net in the first place, as it all comes down to the score going into the last minute.

NHL Parlay Betting

There is a strong following for parlay wagers in New York. The principles are that you make a bet on several different selections, and you need each of those to win for your bet to pay off.

Using the most up-to-date NHL betting lines, let’s say you choose the winning teams in five games. You will notice that your odds improve significantly, but remember picking winners in all five games is significantly more challenging.

“Betting on NHL parlays with a small investment can yield significant winnings.”

BettingSitesNYC – Key Points & Expert Advice

Always Compare NHL Odds

This piece of advice is universal among New York City’s seasoned NHL betting fans. Before making any wagers, check the odds across several sportsbooks. Comparing NHL odds is a must if you want to maximize your winnings while betting on NHL betting lines.

Dynamic Live NHL Betting

The betting lines are continually shifting in relation to the team’s performances, opening up a lot of opportunities to win money when NHL betting in New York.

Whether you are at the game in the stands or at home watching on the TV, you can log in and place live wagers.

Backing Favorites & Underdogs

favorites versus underdogs in nhl

When betting on NHL games, there will always be a favorite and an underdog. The larger the negative number, the more certain the bookie is that the team will win the game.

When the number is positive, the underdog team is considered to have a lower chance of winning.

NHL in New York – Betting Apps

The power of our smartphones and tablets means we can access all the latest betting lines and specials whenever we want. For this reason, BettingSitesNYC puts betting apps high on the priority list.

Easy access, quick navigation, a full list of betting options, and all the key features are reviewed in detail to ensure we recommend the best betting apps for you and your money.

We also look for app availability across all popular devices. So, no matter if you are an iOS or Android user, we will let you know what is available and what you need to do to download the app.

Betting via mobile is such a convenient feature of sportsbooks nowadays, and you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything. You always get the full experience via your mobile.

Top-Rated NHL Betting Apps

The following sportsbooks are the best options if you want to enjoy NHL betting in New York via your mobile device.

Each site features a reliable betting app that is available for instant download and provides quick access to all the NHL action. These are highly recommended if you are someone who wants the freedom that comes with mobile betting:

  • Review ongoing
  • Review ongoing
  • Review ongoing
  • Review ongoing
  • Review ongoing

Essential Building Blocks of Every Approved NHL Sportsbook

man in suit with building blocks

NHL betting in New York is big business, so you want the best sportsbook behind you and providing you with betting value.

You also want to make sure all sports and options align with your strategy. Put your trust in the BettingSitesNYC team to make those checks for you.

“Take the extra time and hassle away from your search, and let our team guide you to the best sites for betting on NHL in New York”

To carry on with our dedication to betting transparency, our team has put together some of the key features we look for when reviewing and approving the best sportsbooks in New York.

These areas must be checked off before we approve any online bookie on our lists. 

So let’s start with something we always look for: the official betting license from the New York State Gaming Commission.

Safety & Security

Licensing is the first check when we write our reviews. If there is no license, we won’t take the review any further.

Your safety and security are paramount to the recommendations we provide. It means you will only ever find licensed sportsbooks here at BettingSitesNYC.

There is no longer any excuse for putting your money and data at risk with overseas sites now that NHL betting in New York is legal.

When you bet with any of the approved sportsbooks that you find listed here at BettingSitesNYC.com, you can protect yourself and get peace of mind.

A key feature that is present at all of our top-rated bookmakers in New York is the range of betting markets.

Even while most bettors stick to the tried-and-tested moneylines and spreads, expanding your betting horizons to include more complex wagers can help boost your profits.

Always be mindful of understanding how the bets work and what is required for your bet to win.

Exclusive Bonuses

When signing up with a new bookie, keep an eye out for NHL betting incentives to help enhance your bankroll.

NHL bonuses are also available to current members, so check the website for any offers and perks, and keep an eye out for upcoming promotions on big events. We also recommend signing up for any newsletter or social media account for the latest news.

Competitive Odds

let's compete with competitive odds

There are several reputable sportsbooks for those looking at NHL betting in New York. You will always get fair odds at the bookmakers we endorse here, but it is advisable to research NHL odds to secure the highest payouts on all your NHL bets.

A little research before placing your bets can result in hundreds, and often thousands more in winnings across the season.

Intuitive Betting Layout

No one enjoys navigating a sportsbook that is so disorganized that it takes forever to find the game or wager they want to place.

Modern betting sites and mobile apps should be professionally designed to make it easy for you to navigate the platform when placing NHL bets. Our team puts each site through a series of tests to see how it performs against others.

Customer Support Channels

When problems happen, you want to have assistance at hand. Another aspect of the bookmaker that is sometimes overlooked is customer support.

All reputable bookies are expected to offer live chat, email, and phone assistance in addition to a round-the-clock service. On top of that, a detailed FAQ can also help you to find quick solutions on your own.

Local Payment Options

Thanks to the legal NY sportsbooks that are now readily available, NHL betting in New York is an easy process. People frequently overlook the importance of banking in relation to their betting activities, but the top bookmakers always provide a varied list of payment options.

Whether you prefer bank cards or e-wallets, your banking should always be quick and easy.

Anyone aged 21 or older can legally enjoy betting on NHL in New York, which adheres to the same legal standards as the majority of other US states.

To make it 100% clear, NHL betting is allowed at the approved sportsbooks we suggest here on BettingSitesNYC, all of which are licensed and regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission.

“NHL betting in New York is only available for those aged 21 and above, but it’s always wise to check with local laws.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following the NHL moneylines can be the best starting position for newcomers. Puck lines and the total over/under are also popular.

Everything is based on personal preferences. Check our reviews of NY sportsbooks to choose one that suits your preferences.

Yes, it can help you access the best odds on NHL betting lines in NY. You don’t have to, but it can help your profits.
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