NBA Betting in New York

The NBA in New York is heavily backed by two top teams and a huge community of fans looking to enjoy the game and place a few winning bets.

For all betting-related topics, we have this full Guide for online sports betting in New York with the best Sportsbooks and Bonus offers suited for NBA betting.

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Top 3 NBA Betting Sites in New York

top 3 nba betting sites in new york

Several factors should be considered when selecting a sportsbook for betting on NBA.

We evaluate all the top sites for NBA betting in New York based on the following criteria:

  • Reputation
  • NBA betting lines
  • Bonuses
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use
  • Banking
  • Security

You can trust any of the New York NBA betting sites we recommend here, although some do a better job than others.

In light of this, before deciding where to bet, you should consider your options and research the many sites available. Our top sportsbooks for NBA betting are below:

  • Unibet
  • Caesars
  • Draftkings

NBA Betting Strategy – Starter Guide

Betting on NBA games requires a strategy, and this is essential if you are determined to win more bets and grow your profits while also enjoying the whole experience of NBA betting in New York.

Following your heart and betting on your favorite team will only take you so far, and it’s certainly not a strategy that seasoned bettors live by.

Creating your strategy for betting on the NBA is a personal thing, with betting preferences dictating your actions, but we want to highlight a few key areas to help you make the best start possible.

  1. Don’t be hesitant early on in the day if your research is complete, as you can often find great NBA odds before the crowds start shifting the lines.
  2. A long season with back-to-back fixtures can result in many of the top players resting, so check the upcoming availability of players before placing your bets.
  3. Look out for underdogs playing at home and in good form coming into the game. Home advantage can often sway the result in favor away from the favorite.
  4. Back favorites when researching future markets, such as the MVP. The media often have a say, so there is often an interesting narrative behind the winner – not just stats.
  5. Money management. Above all else, be sure to manage your bankroll and don’t blow it all in one weekend. For example, only bet 10% of your bankroll at any one time.

“One part of an expert NBA betting strategy is understanding the game of basketball, so check our other basketball guides that cover NBA Rules, NBA Odds, and NBA Teams.”

What NBA Betting Lines Can You Bet On?

Betting On NBA OptionsSummary
NBA MoneylineThe go-to option for betting on NBA games comes down to which team is going to win. Back the favorite or the underdog.
NBA Point SpreadBack a team to win with an extra factor based on the point spread. This type of bet helps to balance out the game.
NBA TotalsNBA games are high-scoring and the over/under points total across both teams is a big feature at many bookies.

NBA Future Bets

NBA betting in New York delivers the same options as many other popular US sports, meaning you have several opportunities to bet on Futures throughout the season.

The biggest options you will find, and those you can place from preseason onwards, are linked to the Division Winners, Conference Winners, and the finale, the NBA Championships.

“Betting on local basketball teams in the New York State is prohibited, but this may change further down the line – similar to what is happening over in Pennsylvania.”

NBA Player Props

Betting on NBA player props can make each game much more interesting. The popular options in this area include player points, rebounds, steals, fouls, assists, and the number of three-point throws, and you can also combine them to create bigger odds.

The chance to combine these further with a final result will also help boost the potential winnings.

NBA Team Props

NBA betting in New York provides many options, and one way is through team props. This can be something as simple as betting if the game will go to overtime or not.

Other common options include the winner after each quarter, half-time, or even a race to a set number of points. These bets often set aside the final result and focus on something specific within the game.

NBA Parlay Betting

Researching and betting on NBA parlays is something many punters enjoy, and the reasons behind this are easy to understand.

Pick out five winners from a day’s schedule, and you will see the odds grow in the parlay betting section of the bet slip.

Of course, predicting multiple winners is always going to be challenging, so a lot of research is required, and not being too greedy with the number of selections is a top tip to remember.

“Try and win multiple smaller parleys (up to five selections) than one big life-changing parlay bet (10+ selections!).”

NBA Betting in New York & Sportsbook Features

Knowing what is available to you and how you can take advantage of the various betting options, tools, and features found at modern sportsbooks is something that can enhance your overall betting experience.

Blindly betting on the first odds you see or not taking into account any special NBA bonuses is not what we consider to be smart betting.

popular options betting in nba

Learn the basics of NBA betting in New York and follow the moneylines, point spreads, and totals, but also click into each fixture’s full betting list and see if you can find value in other areas.

Backing favorites can be safe, but you rarely pick up decent profits. Instead, combine a few common bets with some player props or specials that show value against your research.

Modern Tools & Live Betting

What do we mean by modern tools? The live betting platform is one aspect of this. Being able to place live bets while the game is playing out is a very powerful tool if used correctly.

You can also use onsite stat centers that let you deep dive into the NBA’s results and game data. Other tools include utilizing multi-bets and bonus specials that boost your bankroll when betting.

Competitive Odds

If you asked someone experienced in NBA betting in New York for advice, you’d always get the same answer – study the lines before you make a wager.

Comparing NBA odds is important if you want to max out your winnings from NBA betting.

Bookmakers have varying perspectives, which might lead to one favorite being priced higher than others to help generate larger wins.


All the sportsbooks you find listed here at BettingSitesNYC are focused on the NBA and hold the relevant betting options you expect to find across the season and postseason playoffs.

It’s still worth confirming the point that ensuring your next sportsbook has the sports and lines you need for your NBA betting strategy is something that should be high up on your list.

Full Access – Mobile App Sports Betting

man holding a phone during a basketball game

NY Mobile apps available for NBA betting in New York provide everything a bettor needs. With a simple swipe, you can move between the lines, make a deposit, or withdraw your winnings.

As the action unfolds, they also provide opportunities for real-time betting on NBA games.

If you’re looking for a solid app for betting on NBA markets, you have several options in New York.

Each one is put through its paces by our experts to ensure it lives up to the standards of every type of bettor, from the weekend betting warrior to the seasoned pro.

Top Mobile Apps for Betting on NBA in New York

Below are some of the best sportsbooks that our team recommends right now. Check them out if you want to experience the best NBA betting in New York using your mobile device.

Each one of them includes a verified betting app that comes with all the NBA betting lines, advanced options and the instant access that we all want when betting from mobile phones and tablets.

fanduel sportsbook ny

1. FanDuel

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


2. Caesars

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


3. Betrivers

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


4. Draftkings

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


5. PointsBet

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


6. BetMGM

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

How To Choose The Best Sportsbooks

We investigate and test every one of the legitimate sites designed for NBA betting in New York. For full transparency and to help you understand how to review online betting sites, we have outlined the following criteria.

We use those criteria to determine whether or not an NBA betting site or app should be suggested to our NY State readers.

User-Friendly Betting

A clean and intuitive betting process is essential for anyone looking to bet on the NBA, whether pregame or in play. We look for sportsbooks that are expertly designed and put you first.

All The NBA Betting Lines

Access to popular NBA betting lines across the season is essential. Typical moneylines and point spreads are perfect for most punters, but we also want a full list of advanced options.

NBA Bonus Specials

nba bonus specials!

We talk about the importance of the betting lines and understand the game of basketball, but being able to claim relevant NBA bonuses and special promotions is also a must-have feature.

NBA Odds You Can Trust

The good news is that all the sportsbooks you see approved here are fair and honest with their NBA odds. Sign up for multiple accounts, compare odds, and get the best bank for your buck.

Effective Customer Support

Easy access to knowledgeable customer support agents via live chat, email, and phone lines is what we look for. Attention to detail across customer support shows that a sportsbook cares.

Being able to quickly deposit and access your winnings through a fair withdrawal process is high on the list of our sportsbook features. Popular methods help to keep banking simple.

Fully Licensed & Approved

Above all else, we want you to bet safely and feel confident in the sportsbook you use. It’s why we run multiple ongoing license checks to ensure the sites we recommend are always legit.

Betting on NBA games is now legal across the licensed bookmakers listed at BettingSitesNYC. Punters must be 21 or over to enjoy online NJ sports betting, although we always advise checking with your local laws to ensure you fully understand what is expected of you in line with betting.

“New York is set to become one of the biggest betting states in the US, so get on board with BettingSitesNYC for trustworthy recommendations and, we hope, more profitable bets!” 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you will find multiple bonus offers, including free bets, when you sign up and bet with our recommended NY betting sites.

We only approve betting sites licensed by the New York State Gaming Commission. This shows you can trust the site.

No, some are designed differently and offer varying levels of betting lines, but all our options at BettingSitesNYC are perfect for NBA betting.
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