NCAAB Betting in New York

College betting is a huge part of New York sportsbooks.

There are thousands of betting options on NCAA basketball games each year, covering the regular season, conference tournaments, and March Madness.

Get specialist advice from our team to help you bet smarter on your next NCAAB bet.

Best NY Sportsbook for NCAAB Betting

We take into account several factors when determining which sportsbooks merit our recommendation. We check everything from competitive college basketball odds and varied betting options to local payment methods and expert support. 

bet on college basketball

The brands below are recommended as the best NY sportsbook for NCAAB betting options:

NCAAB Lines for New York Sports Bettors

For New York sports bettors looking for deep betting options, the NCAAB calendar always delivers due to the sheer number of teams in action.

You can choose from typical NCAAB lines and betting markets, ranging from straight moneyline wagers to elaborate parlays and futures.

Over/Under Totals

Bets on the total points scored by both sides in a game are known as “totals.” In over/under wagers, players choose whether they think the final score will be more than or lower than a certain number.

Points Spread

In college basketball betting, like in the NY sports betting business as a whole, points spread betting is a popular option. The spread is determined after oddsmakers examine the relative strengths and weaknesses of both teams in a given matchup. 

Other relevant details, such as the status of key players due to injury, are also considered. The numbers in a spread bet show the amount by which the team must win or lose in order to win.

Parlay Betting 

Each wager (often called a “leg”) in a parlay must win for the whole bet to pay out. When forming a parlay, bettors can use any combination of spreads, money lines, totals, and props for the legs.

Check the Parlay rules at each NY sportsbook, so you always know how to select qualifying “legs” for each bet. 


Betting on college basketball odds will often involve moneyline bets. Picking the winner of the game outright is the nature of betting on the moneyline.

The implied likelihood of any side winning a certain game is used by oddsmakers to set the moneyline odds for that event.

“Some colleges in the NCAA basketball tournament will consistently dominate the competition, and the probability of success is reflected in the final moneyline odds.”


Futures bets, in which bettors place wagers on events far in the future and near future, are extremely common in college basketball.

You can find bettors frequently placing wagers on NCAA basketball odds, such as who will win the National Championship each year. 

ncaab futures

The odds for the next year’s NCAA Basketball Championship are posted as soon as the current tournament concludes.

If you choose a winner, you’re betting that your team will advance to the NCAA tournament and win six consecutive games to be crowned champion. 

It’s not easy, but the overall NCAAF odds for long-term futures will be substantial.

NCAA Basketball Odds Overview

College basketball odds are vastly different from those in the NBA. Popular, high-stakes games with shaded lines give bettors a lot of value because they are wagered by casual punters who don’t care too much about winning. But short NCAAB line changes are easier to spot in a low-bet volume game.

NCAAB Bet Tips – Finding The Best College Basketball Odds

Below are a few basic pointers to help you get started with the vast selection of betting possibilities available in the world of NCAA basketball odds.

Pick the Best Sportsbook

Picking the best NY sportsbook for NCAAB betting provides extensive matchup statistics and analysis for college basketball games. Records of top players’ performances versus one another can sometimes be found in the onsite statistical databases. 

Consider Home Advantage

While placing an NCAA bet, home-court advantage is typically underestimated. However, when playing at home, players gain from both the energy of their supporters and the familiarity of the environment.

Results show that teams in the NCAAB have a higher winning rate at home than their NBA counterparts.

Consider Betting Against the Spread

If you know where to look, betting against the spread (ATS) can be quite profitable. In college basketball odds, the NCAAB lines on large pregame favorites with a point spread favoring the underdogs can often result in profit. 

Quick Guide to March Madness

When March Madness rolls around, no other college sporting event compares to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Especially in terms of popularity for New York sports bettors.

This tournament is every New York bettor’s paradise since underdogs win so often, and single-game bets may pay off handsomely.

march madness

In Division I, 22 colleges and universities can be found in New York. However, It’s unfortunate that most of them are not living up to the standards that college basketball fans have come to expect.

As it currently stands, Syracuse is the shining pearl of New York City’s dominance.

Due to the number of wagering opportunities, many profitable NCAAB lines are overlooked.

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything, but that actually works in favor of bettors because it’s just as challenging for the bookies. Tracking the odds across the full March Madness schedule is no easy task.

Still, we always stress the following bettig advice. 

  • It’s best to avoid betting on every possible outcome and instead focus on finding one or two good value NCAAB bet options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Betting on the NCAA Tournament is permitted in the state of New York. The only stipulation is that bettors are not permitted to wager on in-state college teams or events.

You should compare the odds provided by several reputable online bookmakers before making a final decision. Stick to our recommended betting brands; you will always find great betting value on NCAAB lines.

Things like home-field advantage, NCAAB line movements, and inflated odds, should all be considered. Always do your research before placing any money down on your NCAAB bet.
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