NHL Odds & Lines | All you need to know for NY Betting

Betting on NHL odds is popular across New York, and how could it not be with three high-level teams involved?

Game intensity, long seasons, and many betting options are just some of the guarantees you get when watching the game and putting money on NHL betting lines.

Keep reeding for a full go-through of NHL odds and betting.

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The Foundations of Successful Betting on NHL Games in NY

the foundations of successful betting on nhl games in new york

Successful betting should be thought of in the long term rather than short-term gains.

Although short-term successes are helpful, there are many aspects to master before you can confidently read NHL odds and wager on NHL betting lines.

First, you must have a feel for the game by familiarizing yourself with the core NHL rules. Gaining an awareness of the rules will give you the trust you need to make smart bets and increase your chances of success.

Our goal is to help you take that basic understanding and use it to become a more confident NHL bettor.

You have a choice of three formats when reading and analyzing NHL odds, and while the American format is the most familiar, we will explain Decimal and Fractional to ensure that you can always read the odds no matter how they are displayed.

  • American
  • Decimal
  • Fractional

American Odds

New Yorkers who bet on sports online often use American odds, often known as moneyline odds.

In the United States, these odds are the standard, represented by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. To help explain this, we’ll take a game between the Rangers and Islanders to walk you through interpreting and using these NHL odds.

  • New York Rangers -180 (favorite)
  • New York Islanders +155 (underdog)

Bet $180 to win $100 on the negative number and favorites – the Rangers

A $100 wager on the underdog and the positive number – the Islanders – wins $155.

Decimal Odds

Decimal NHL odds, similar to odds used in many other sports worldwide, can often be more accessible for some bettors. The smaller number indicates the favorite, whereas a larger number indicates the underdog.

  • New York Rangers 1.56 (favorite)
  • New York Islanders 2.55 (underdog)

Here, the calculations are as simple as multiplying the wager by the NHL odds.

For example, if you put $100 on the Rangers (1.56 x $100), you’d win $156 ($100 + $56 profit). Taking a bigger risk on an Islanders victory would bring $255 (2.55 x $100), leaving you a profit of $155.

“Remember that your initial stake is included in the payout, so your profit margin would be the sum of your victory, less your stake.”

Fractional Odds

For the sake of simplicity, let’s think of these NHL odds as dividing your potential winnings by the stake amount.

A way to explain this would be to see who wins the NHL Central Division, and we’ll take the Colorado Avalanche (5/6) and the Minnesota Wild (9/2) teams as examples.

The lower number suggests the favorite. Therefore, backing the Avalanche would see:

  • A $100 wager at 5/6 odds produces $183.33 ($83.33 profit plus your $100 deposit).

The underdog is defined by the larger number first, so backing the Wild would indicate: 

  • A $100 bet on 9/2 odds produces $550 ($450 profit plus your $100 deposit).

The Basics of NHL Betting Lines

the basics of nhl betting lines

Successful bettors understand all the potential options available when betting on the NHL.

Researching team form and player news, followed by the latest NHL odds, gives you the best chance of finding the best bets for the upcoming days and weeks.

Knowing where to put your money and searching for value bets becomes the big difference between those who make big profits and those who don’t.

The popular NHL betting lines are the best for starters, and then take that knowledge into the advanced betting options.

Standard NHL Betting Lines

All the major sportsbooks in New York will provide you with a betting line that follows this layout:

  • New York Rangers: -1.5 (+140) / U 6.5 (-105) / -180
  • New York Islanders: +1.5 (-165) / O 6.5 (-115) / +155 

In summary, the first numbers represent the Puck Line, the second set of numbers are the Over/Under Goals Total, and the last numbers are the Moneyline.

You may find betting lines laid out differently, but more often than not, you see these three main betting options first.

NHL Puck Line

You can bet on the favored team minus the Puck Line number of goals or decide to back the underdog plus the number.

Puck Lines in the NHL are almost always fixed at 1.5 goals, as opposed to the varied spreads in other sports.

NHL Points Total

Many NY punters decide to ignore the bet on a particular team and go with whether the number of goals will be Over or Under a certain total.

For NHL games, most sportsbooks you find will often set the total between 5.0 and 6.5.

NHL Moneyline

Betting on NHL moneylines makes it as simple as possible. As there are no ties in NHL hockey, simply choose the team you believe will win the game.

The odds for the favorite will be negative, while the odds for the underdog will be positive.

NHL Futures

These are long-term bets on the outcome of the NHL season, such as whether a team will win the Stanley Cup or make the playoffs or even who will pick up the MVP award.

You can win a lot of money in futures betting if you are smart about your predictions.

Advanced Betting & Bigger NHL Odds

Once you get a grip on the betting basics, you may want to introduce advanced betting into your NHL strategy.

Click through any NHL fixture, and you will find a long list of betting options, from the player and team specials to playoffs, MVPs, and the big one, betting on the latest NHL Stanley Cup odds.

NHL Player Odds

Betting on the number of points earned by individual players and the number of assists or power play points are possible options in the player-specific betting markets.

Shots on goal and goalscorers are popular options for those looking to find unique betting opportunities.

NHL Game Odds

The fast-paced action of hockey brings many betting opportunities, and a popular area is looking at the overall game.

Betting on the total goals scored across both teams, the total penalties, or the total saves made by goalies are all bets available at NY bookies. 

NHL Playoff Odds

A total of 16 teams advance into the postseason playoffs, including four wildcards.

Predicting the teams to advance can produce significant odds, especially if you give some thought to the wildcard positions. Betting on NHL playoff odds is both rewarding and entertaining. 

NHL Stanley Cup Odds

boy shooting a puck at the camera in a cloud of snow and ice

All eyes are on the Stanley Cup from the start to the end of the season. Betting markets are open across NY sportsbooks during the preseason.

Some punters wait until the playoffs kick start before placing money on NHL Stanley Cup odds.


Betting on NHL MVP odds is one option you have throughout the season. Bigger odds are available at the start, and a group of players will start to emerge as frontrunners while the season plays out, albeit with smaller odds.

By betting on the NHL MVP odds, watching hockey games get a new dimension. This is because you will probably cheer for a specific team to make good results, and even more important, your player of choice will have to deliver during the whole season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We recommend following the standard NHL betting lines found at most NY Sportsbooks. Puck Lines, Goal Totals, and Moneylines are your best bet.

Check the Futures section of your preferred sportsbooks. Look for NHL playoff odds and NHL MVP odds and bet early on in the season to find the biggest potential profits.

No, online sports betting is legal in New York, so you should always sign up and bet with licensed and regulated NY betting sites.
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