Bet on the Best NFL Teams

The NFL welcomes 32 teams to battle it out every year, including three NFL teams from New York State, as they all aim to be crowned Super Bowl Champions.

We bring you the key facts to help you understand NFL history, how the NFL works, and introduce you to the local NFL teams in NY, plus much more.

NFL Overview – How The Season Plays Out

Betting on NFL teams brings excitement and potential profits, and like most sports, improving your knowledge can help your money go further across the season.

To a newcomer, the NFL structure may seem complex, but it becomes a lot easier to understand once you break it all down. The big question “how many NFL teams are there” is one we get often.

The answer? The number of all NFL teams comes to 32 competing in total (three New York NFL teams), and these are broken down into two conferences and four divisions.


The 32 teams in the NFL are split into two conferences known widely as the AFC and NFC.

Each conference is then split into four divisions with four teams, and those four teams play each other twice throughout the season. Once at home and once away.

The next part of the season gets slightly complex, so we’ll spell it out in simple terms for you. 

  • This part is known as the Team Schedules.
  • Allows all teams in the NFL to play all other divisions once every 3-4 years.
  • Based on a rotation schedule and each team’s performance of the previous year.

Full Conference and Division structure for the NFL:

Conference and division structure in nfl
  • American Football Conference (AFC, 16 teams)
    • North Division (4 teams)
    • South Division (4 teams)
    • East Division (4 teams)
    • West Division (4 teams)
  • National Football Conference (NFC, 16 teams)
    • North Division (4 teams)
    • South Division (4 teams)
    • East Division (4 teams)
    • West Division (4 teams)

All NFL Teams List & Team Map

The NFL started with 10 teams back in 1920, but now we have a full collection of 32 professional teams all competing for that coveted prize – the Super Bowl. We’ve compiled the NFL teams list below to help find all NFL teams, home stadiums, stadium sizes, and divisions.

Team nameHome StadiumCapacityDivision
Baltimore RavensM&T Bank Stadium71.000AFC North 
Cincinatti BengalsPaycor Stadium65.500AFC North 
Cleveland BrownsFirstEnergy Stadium67.890AFC North 
Pittsburgh SteelersAcrisure Stadium68.400AFC North 
Buffalo BillsHighmark Stadium71.600AFC East
Miami DolphinsHard Rock Stadium64.760AFC East
New England PatriotsGillete Stadium65.880AFC East
New York JetsMetLife Stadium82.500AFC East
Denver BroncosEmpower Field76.125AFC West 
Kansas City ChiefsArrowhead Stadium76.420AFC West 
Las Vegas RaidersAllegiant Stadium65.000AFC West 
Los Angeles ChargersSoFi Stadium70.240AFC West 
Houston TexansNRG Stadium71.995AFC South
Indianapolis ColtsLucas Oil Stadium67.000AFC South
Jacksonville JaguarsTIAA Bank Field67.810AFC South
Tennessee TitansNissan Stadium69.140AFC South
Chicago BearsSoldier Field61.500NFC North
Detroit LionsFord Field65.000NFC North
Green Bay PackersLambeau Field81.440NFC North
Minnesota VikingsU.S. Bank Stadium66.860NFC North
Dallas CowboysAT&T Stadium80.000NFC East
New York GiantsMetLife Stadium82.500NFC East
Philadelphia EaglesLincoln Financial Field69.180NFC East
Washington CommandersFedExField82.000NFC East
Arizona CardinalsState Farm Stadium63.400NFC West 
Los Angeles RamsSoFi Stadium70.240NFC West 
San Fransisco 49ersLevi´s Stadium68.500NFC West 
Seattle SeahawksLumen Field69.000NFC West 
Atlanta FalconsMercedes-Benz Stadium71.000NFC South 
Carolina PanthersBank of America Stadium75.520NFC South 
New Orleans SaintsCeasars Superdome73.208NFC South 
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRaymond James Stadium65.620NFC South 

We have a handy NFL Teams List Map to show you exactly where they are located, including the local New York football teams, along with the colors representing each team’s Division.

Click here to view the map.

How Many Teams Make The NFL Playoffs?

A total of 14 teams advance through into the NFL playoffs once all the games have been played in the regular season. The postseason is when things get a lot more interesting as those 14 teams begin to put their eyes on the Super Bowl final.

The new format of 14 (up from 12 teams in the past) means the second-seeded team in the conference no longer gets a bye and must take part in the first round of playoffs alongside the other five teams. Here is how the playoffs work in a simple step-by-step list:

  • Seven teams qualify from each conference
  • The number one seed in each conference earns a bye and a home game
  • The next three seeded teams play against three wild cards in the first playoff round
  • Wildcards are based on the winning percentages during the season
  • Both Conferences then play through the playoffs
  • The top team from each Conference then meet the other in the Super Bowl

Wildcard Week – AFC & NFC

wildcard week in nfl

The NFL playoffs now kick off with what is known as “Wildcard Week”, a chance for the lower seeded teams to get themselves into the latter stages of the postseason.

We know that only the top team from both the AFC and NFC gets the automatic bye into the second round of the playoffs, so let’s explain the structure of each round to show you how the teams match up.

  • Top Seed – Automatic Bye
  • Seed 2 vs. Seed 7
  • Seed 3 vs. Seed 6
  • Seed 4 vs. Seed 5

Divisional Round – AFC & NFC

  • Top Seed vs. Winner of Seed 2 vs. Seed 7
  • Winner of Seed 3 vs. Seed 6 vs. Winner Seed 4 vs. Seed 5

Conference Championship – AFC & NFC

  • Two Winners of the Divisional Rounds to determine the Conference Champion

Super Bowl – AFC vs. NFC

  • Two Winners of the Conference Championships play in the Super Bowl
  • Before the season begins, the Super Bowl destination is decided to ensure fairness

Key Takeaway – Betting on NFL Teams

Betting on NFL teams is all about being smarter and following the odds rather than your heart.

We all get caught up in the belief that our team will take the win against any opponent, but profitable betting requires a different outlook and one that puts any allegiance aside.

Teams such as the New England Patriots have a deep history of winning the Super Bowl, but winning bets is not just about backing the correct Super Bowl winner.

There are many betting lines and markets available to find high-value bets, and that includes betting on all NFL teams.

Understanding NFL rules and how to read NFL odds helps to improve your betting. To add to that, we give you all the information you need for NFL team including the local NY Giants, NY Jets, and the Buffalo Bills.

So let’s fill you in on those three local teams and a bit of NFL history.

Regional New York NFL Teams

There is never a dull moment when talking about the regional New York football teams in the Empire State.

Why? Ever since the Giants and Jets moved to New Jersey to play their games at MetLife Stadium, opinions have been divided on which teams are truly based in New York.

The general consensus is that there are still three New York Football Teams, as this is where they were founded and established their fanbases. Those are New York Giants, New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

We will touch upon the successes and famous names to grace the Giants, Jets, and Bills later on, but for now, here are the key team facts.

NFL TeamsFoundedSuper Bowl Facts
New York Giants1925Won in 1986, 1990, 2007, and 2011
New York Jets1960Won in 1969 against the Baltimore Colts
Buffalo Bills1960Lost four Super Bowls in a row in the early 90s 

Under the Microscope – NFL History & Team Performance

guy with magnifying glass looks into the camera

The NFL never ceases to amaze. Every season brings action, shock results, and a sheer determination to reach the postseason playoffs.

On top of the big expectations, there is also a deep NFL history that helps to set the scene when betting on this famous sport. Let’s look under the microscope at some of the standout details we have witnessed over the years.

New York Football Teams – Legacy & Past Performances

NFL’s New York football teams have enjoyed time at the top, thanks to various Super Bowl wins across the years.

The Giants and Jets have both lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy, while the Bills lost out four times on the bounce back in the 90s and are still yet to taste true success.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are the team to beat out of all the New York NFL teams right now, but as we know, things can change quickly.

Famous for winning four Conference Championships in a row and also losing four Super Bowls in a row is something they want to change in the near future.

NY Giants

The longest-standing out of the three New York football teams, the Giants have a long list of accolades to their name. Multiple Conference Championships throughout the years show their dominance, but it’s the four Super Bowls that sit proudly in the Giants’ trophy cabinet.

NY Jets

Arriving on the NFL scene alongside the Buffalo Bills in 1965, the Jets managed to clinch a Super Bowl in 1969 but have failed to replicate the feat ever since. The Jets enjoyed an era of progress in the early 2000s but are struggling to find form in recent years.

Famous NY Players & NFL Team Rivalries

New York football teams have never been short of a legendary NFL name. From the current era to way back in the glory days of the Giants. We have picked out a couple of the most famous names, then and now, who grew up in New York.

  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Chandler Jones
  • Saquon Barkley
  • Art Monk
  • Sid Luckman

There is no shortage of heated and entertaining rivalries as you look back at NFL history, but some stand out more than others. Each of the rivalries below ranks among the game’s most heated and controversial matchups. For many fans, it’s more than just a game!

  • Steelers vs. Ravens
  • Packers vs. Bears
  • Giants vs. Eagles
  • Raiders vs. Chiefs
  • Jets vs. Patriots

The Big Debate – The Best-Ever NFL Teams

The discussion of who the best-ever NFL teams are and the finest performances to have ever been witnessed on the football field continues. It’s not hard to argue that the likes of the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers all deserve a mention.

All of them have had their fair share of time in the limelight, but it’s the 1962 Green Bay Packers that take the claim of the best team of all time, evolving the game as we know it today under the leadership of legendary coach Vince Lombardi

Below is a list of teams that have stood the test of time throughout NFL history:

  • New England Patriots
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New York Giants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A total of 32 teams compete in the NFL across two Conferences - the NFC and AFC, and three of those are New York football teams.

The most successful team in New York so far has been the New York Giants, followed by the Jets and then the Bills.

Yes, you can bet on any of the New York NFL teams via futures, postgame, and in-play betting markets at all our recommended sportsbooks.
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