NBA All-Star Game – James vs. Antetokounmpo

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Every year, the NBA hosts the NBA All-Star Game, an exhibition match featuring the best players in the league. The teams this year are being captained by LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the game is scheduled for Monday, February 20. 

We take a closer look at the game, which features many of the top players from NBA teams, including several from New York-based teams.

We bring you some insider information on how to go about betting on the game. Some of the usual NBA betting strategies are not as useful in a game like the All-Star, so keep these points in mind if you do decide to bet:

  • There is rarely an MVP repeat year on year.
  • MVPs are also rarely given to Centers.
  • Don’t look too much into form and trends in the run-up to the game.
  • Point totals are more challenging due to the unique “Elam Ending.”
  • Three-pointer shooters have a great chance of picking up the MVP.

BettingSitesNYC Top Tip: All-Star MVP – Luka Doncic. The Mavs man has been in unbelievable form this season and has the ability to score points from everywhere.

What to Expect From the Game

Over the years, the All-Star Game has changed the number of players, how they are chosen, and how they score. In recent years, the All-Star Weekend festivities have grown to include more than just the game itself. Events like the Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest, and Skills Challenge all take place on All-Star Saturday Night.

New York Players

This year’s NBA All-Star Game will feature some players from New York-based teams, including those that have just been traded out of the Brooklyn Nets. Durant was drafted, but his injury has cast him out. Irving is still in the Eastern Conference team after his move to the Mavericks. We also noted the name of Julius Randle from the New York Knicks, as he sits in the reserves.

Final Word

Do you want to place some wagers on this star-studded game? We have a few pointers for anyone new to betting on New York Sportsbooks.

It all depends on what you hope to accomplish. It’s a fun addition to a game that already has slam dunks, three-pointers, and fancy passes. Since the lack of defense can occasionally divert your attention, betting can keep you interested in every moment.

Remember that betting on point totals is difficult to begin with because of the scoring variance, and the new “Elam Ending” only makes things more of a challenge. 

Betting on the moneyline, spread, and player props for the All-Star Game is typically the easiest way to go. But the NBA All-Star Game is notoriously hard to predict, so betting on the game is not a sure way to make money. 

Check out the NBA odds for Doncic, have some fun with it, and enjoy the game for what it is: great fun with all the top ballers in the land.


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